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Rent AB Nursery

London Adult Baby Nursery is a fully equipped ABDL playroom dedicated to adult babies, sissy baby girls, and diaper lovers.

The AB nursery has a double sized adult baby cot, covered with PU pvc bed spread and matching cushions.



Also we have a nice selection of NUK5 adult baby pacifiers / dummies, a selection of adult baby bottles to be baby feed, medium – large and extra large disposable printed adult baby nappies / diapers, terry diapers, cloth diapers with giant pins.

We have a collection of plastic frilly pants, plain plastic pants, adult baby plastic romper, adult baby plastic onesies, pvc adult baby sissy dresses, AB bibs, colorful tights, and Mary Jane’s leather shoes in girly colors.

We also have a nice selection of made to measure satin adult baby sissy girl dresses, satin sissy boy rompers, frilly caps, rubber adult baby masks.



Our Adult Baby Nursery can be hired or rented by the hour, 7 days a week.

If you are a Nanny – Mommy – Daddy or Mistress you can rent our age playroom including all toys we have displayed in our dungeon or any clothing from our dressing service.

Our rental includes shower facilities, with a maximum of 2 towels per participant,  a set of 2 extra towels will be £10.

We also offer you a set of 3 disposable printed nappies / diapers. Then in case you needed more, a set of 3 extra diapers will be £10.

We have adult baby oils, adult baby powder, and adult baby body lotion for you to use whilst sitting at our nursery.

We can provide you of adult baby food, milks, juices and any other requests, for an extra charge depending of the product, please ask!
Rent AB Nursery


We accept all major credit cards payments in case you would like to extend the session.

Rent AB Nursery