Schoolboy Mistress Academy

Rent adult Schoolboy Mistress Academy

If you are a Head Mistress – Strict School Teacher – Female Disciplinarian – Governess or Head Master, and need a Schoolboy Mistress Academy where to teach your school boys – school girls or naughty pupils school lessons, or need a domestic space where to discipline naughty boys and girls, then our Schoolboy Mistress Academy may be the right place to rent or hire by the hour for your adult schoolboy / girl role plays.

Our head mistress academy is fully equipped for Strict Disciplinarians who like to administer caning, spanking, paddling, over the knee spanking, corporal punishment, cbt, strapping, domestic discipline, Chastity, writing lines  at the board, mouth soaping, corner time, floor scrubbing.

The Head Mistress Academy has a complete range of traditional uniforms in all sizes needed, to re-create the most authentic school boy / girl scenario.

Our traditional school boy/ girl uniforms

Boy / Girl  Wool Flannel Blazer.
Wool grey short trousers or Traditional Gymslip with red sash.
White shirt and School tie.
Grey/White Knee length school socks.
White traditional underwear / knickers.
Black leather lace up shoes / Mary Jane’s shoes.
Venetian Red cap / Straw Panama Hat with red band.


Our Domestic school room

The Schoolboy Mistress Academy is set up in a domestic space, it has an authentic vintage chalkboard for writing lines, an antique desk, with matching chair and a leather spanking bench for caning and OTK spanking.

We also have a nice selection of sexy school girl uniforms, frilly tartan dresses, mini tartan skirts, traditional school blouse, stripped ties, sport gym knickers and traditional white school socks for a naughty look.



Our impact implements

We have a nice selection of impact implements, handcrafted leather straps and paddles by The London Tanners for punishment, discipline and retribution. Our traditional reformatory canes by Quality Control for domestic, educational and judicial context as well as domestic implements such as wooden spoons, hair brushes, slippers and rulers for Domestic Discipline.




We accept all major credit cards payments in case you would like to extend the session.

Schoolboy Mistress Academy