Sploshing Room

Hire Sploshing Room

We are delighted to offer our Sploshing room to rent or hire by Mistresses and their slaves, as well as kinky couples to enjoy wet and messy play (WAM).

Our London Sploshing room is designed to accommodate sploshing sessions of any kind.

Whatever you like to splosh to your slave or splosh to your partner, our sploshing space is the ideal place to try out new experiences.

We have a 3 x 2.80 x 1.60 meters box designed to play WAM with any substances, such as Custards, Gelatin, Puddings, Cakes, Eggs, Yogurts, Whipped cream, Chocolate sauce, Strawberry sauce, Syrups, Ice creams, Milk, Water Soluble paint, Mud, Natrosol Gunge.

We can also provide you with a inflatable pvc pool if is required for an extra charge.

Our sploshing room can be hired 7 days a week, and you must make a reservation and pay a deposit payment to secure the space.



– We are able to provide our sploshing space and shower facilities, including fresh towels and toiletry for your refreshment before and after the session.

– We are also happy to supply you with any substances mentioned above for an extra charge, depending of what your request will be.

– Be aware that the rental is only available for 2 participants. One who sploshes and another who is going to be sploshed.

– If you request for both participants to play wet and messy, then we will charge you extra.

– If you want to bring an extra participant, then we will charge you extra.


We accept all major credit cards payments in case you would like to extend the session.

Sploshing Room