Hire Dungeon Rental – Questions & Answers

Here is a list of questions and answers related to our Hire Dungeon Rental, that would be helpful to read if you are considering getting in touch with us regarding our rental – hire dungeon fetish playroom.

Hire Dungeon Rental Q&A

1 – Can we smoke at the Hire Dungeon Rental ?  Not, our premises are non smoker.

2 – Can we drink alcohol ? Yes, you can bring your own drinks, otherwise you can request anything and we will get it for you with an upfront payment.

3 – Can we practice Hardsports or Watersports at the Hire Dungeon Rental ? Not, any of these practices are allowed.

4 – Can we practice enema play ? Not, we don’t have our facilities designed to cater this activity.

5 – Can we used candle wax ? Not, our premises have carpets all over.

6 – Do you provide outfits for female attendants ? Not we don’t, we only have men clothing and sissy or cross-dresser outfits.

7 – Can we take a shower or play in the bath together ? You can take a shower one at the time, but you are not allowed to play in the bath or have any BDSM activities in there.

8 – Do you provide towels and toiletries ? Yes, we provide everything you need for your refreshment.

9 – Are we going to stay alone at the Hire Dungeon Rental ? Not, someone will be at the premises to assist you at all the time.

10 – Do you provide condoms – tissues – lube – towels – toiletry – wipes and drinks ? Yes, we provide all of it . Including water – coffee – teas and soft drinks for long rentals.

11- Is it allowed the use of poppers and amyl nitrate , we do not sell or provide any of these products.

Then if you are bringing it from outside to use it whilst playing at our premises you must be responsible for your partner and have a safe play from the beginning till the end of the rental period.



All major credit cards accepted, payments by chip & pin device.

Hire Dungeon Rental