Room Rent Escort

Room Rent Escort London Accommodation available

We will start renting our spare room from February 2018 to Independent escorts only that are looking to hire – let – rent a room in Central London to meet their clients. We do not provide jobs or costumers. 

Exclusive to established escorts only !

If you don’t own a website or a verified a-w profile with rating don’t contact me !

We have an exclusive Room Rent Escort London accommodation on Marylebone High Street – 2 minutes walk to Baker Street station,  available to let to local independent escorts, touring ladies and as well transgender and gay professional male escorts.



We have a double bedroom with a Chesterfield Upholstered double bed, very nice laminated floors, lots of storage. The bedroom has a quiet view from the window.

The bathroom is spotless clean and has a bath tub and toilet.

The apartment has its views to the main road and to the building’s entrance and we have a buzzer – intercom.

We have a fully equipped kitchen including washing dryer.

You are also allowed to use the kitchen to warm up your food, the use of kettle and microwave, as well as fridge and oven.


Packages & Prices

Rent from us from 1 day  or Monday to Friday – Weekends – Whole week – monthly or as many days you need it.


♥ Rent on an hourly basis £30.

Rent daily from 10am till 11pm £100 .

Rent 7 days a week  from 12 noon till 10pm  – leaving the premises at 10pm. ( overnight is not included )


All packages includes bed linen – towels ( as many needed ) and toiletries.


The Letting Rooms


We have a Chesterfield upholstered double bed, the bedroom has central heating, air conditioning, nice curtains, designer table lamp, designer rug, very well maintained.




The bathroom

The bathroom is spotless cleaned and provided with fresh – clean towels, shower gel and bath rugs for your refreshment !





What is included

We provide all towels, fresh bed linen, shower gel and bath rugs for you and your customers.

You can also enjoy our kitchen which is fully equipped and available to warm food ( microwave – oven & kettle ) and make coffees and teas.


The room is available 7 days a week including bank holidays .

If you are looking for a Room Rent Escort London accommodation feel free contact us at +44 (0) 7850 230 434  and we will give you all information required.

Let or rent our escort room

We are happy to book a viewing for the apartment and discuss with you in person , otherwise you can call me at  any time and I will give you details over the phone.

We request full payment upfront for the day that  you want to reserve, in the past we used to request half deposit payment, but due that many ladies don’t turn up for the day and we only get half of the amount and we have many regulars ladies that really need to rent the room to support their families and pay their bills, we have decided to just rent to people who are reliable and need a place to work.


You can pay cash by meeting me at the place, or into our Barclays bank account 24 hours before the booking request.

Rules of the apartment

  • It is not allowed to smoke or take drugs inside the premises.
  • It is not allowed to walk with shoes in the apartment, every one will be asked to remove their shoes at the entrance escorts and clients.
  • It is not allowed 15 minutes services, if we find out that you only book 15 minutes quick you will be asked to leave the premises without a refund.
  • It is not allowed to talk laud at the door entrance with your clients. When you finish your appointment with your client you can discuss anything in the bedroom and when he is leaving the premises he has to be quiet as well as you.
  • It is not allowed ladies that work from agencies due that some of them usually leave the country without paying their commissions, then we after get our premises blacklisted, you must be independent and provide full information of where you advertise and show us the adverts you have online.
  • It is not allowed to walk out the shower and wet the wooden floors.
  • Anyone breaching our rules will be advice to leave our premises and there won’t be a refund.

You can see the map location below.